Bring the Land of… Children’s Books to your school!

Handi-ANDKatie Mullaly, author and publisher would love to come to your school to share these fun, important and unique books with your students and teachers.Thanks to Katie’s years of working with kids of all ages – from teaching skiing and karate to sharing her love of geology – she brings her energy and love of interacting with her youngest fans!

During the visit:
Books She Will Read: Depending on the age of the group and the length of time, Katie can read one or all three books, Land of OR, Land of AND, and Land of I AM. For the younger grades (kindergarten and first), Land of AND is recommended as the only read. The older grades will enjoy all three books.Skittish

Discussion and Questions: For Land of OR, Katie has questions for the kids relating to good choice making and the Options found in the book. Land of AND has questions around acceptance, uniqueness and inclusion. With Land of I AM, the discussion will revolve around everyone’s best “I AMs.” In addition, Katie is also the publisher of these books and many kids like to ask questions about the writing and publishing world. We can’t forget, the topic of the Yabbut will certainly be included in all readings. If you would like a preview of the questions before the presentation, Katie will happily send them to you. Feel free to add additional questions if you like.

Grade Levels: Although the books are categorized for ages 5 to 10, the topics they cover are important to all ages. No matter your age group, audience members will certainly gain something from the readings. In addition, if you have a class that is discussing publishing, writing, poetry or another topic that is in alignment with the books, bring Katie in to present. Your students could gain a lot.

Recording: If you would like to record the presentations, please do. We just ask that you share the recording and any other images with us to use for our marketing.

Before the Visit
Publicity: If you would like to share the event with your local media, we can provide you with a press release and images. Katie is happy to do interviews with local media outlets. They can contact her directly at or 435-513-0444.

Book Sales: If your school would like to have books available for purchase at the event, wholesale pricing is available at $10.20 per book. Please contact us to arrange an order, or 435-513-0444.

Equipment: If the group is large, more than 20 kids, I recommend projecting the books on to a screen so that all of the beautiful detail of the illustrations can be seen. I will bring a computer (PC) with the presentation on it. For larger groups and auditoriums, please provide a microphone so that I may reach the entire audience.

Author Event Pricing (2015-16 school year):
Full Day: $500 – 4 presentations with a break in between, a book signing (if the school purchased books), and lunch with students and/or teachers (plus travel expenses for schools more than 30 miles from Park City, Utah). The school will receive a signed copy of both books.

Half-Day: Only available in the Summit County, Utah area – price varies depending upon the needs of the school. Contact us directly, or 435-513-0444.

We understand budgets for student programs vary widely – please get in touch with us to discuss the details of your request and we’re sure we can work something out.

Author fees must be paid the day of the event, or before. School will be invoiced at the time of booking.