With an outstanding ear for what sounds good and makes sense, Michael Rago is happy to bring his passion for words and talent for story construction to the Land of … Children’s Books®.

As the series’ editor, Michael is a filtering influence, working closely with Katie in refining her vision. Katie begins with a broad theme and starts writing and Michael helps her zero in, set precise boundaries around her message and stay focused on it. He helps her build and support the narrative arc of each book, sometimes contributing specific language or elements of plot. And finally, Michael “polices” the text for clarity and consistency all the while acting as a grounding force for Katie, reminding her of the importance of these books and encouraging her to take these Lands in new directions.

“My involvement in the series allows me – requires me, really – to flex new creative muscles and think about things in ways I haven’t before,” says Michael. “It’s like playing a game with a new set of rules: it forces you to find new ways to move around the playing field and reach the goal.

“I can still remember the books that were important to me as a child. They gave me a set of symbols I could keep in my memory, and then whenever I was in need of a way to understand the world around me, I could refer back to them as a sort of key or legend. The Land of… books will do that for a lot of kids – shape their imaginations and inform their worldview with positive messages.” It is these positive messages that keeps Michael striving to help create these important books.

Michael has a BA from Rutgers University. He works as a free-lance editor along with working for Faceted Press and writes of his journeys at KarmaKindling.net.



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