Meet the team creating these fun, beautiful and important lands
where readers of all ages can learn how to navigate life’s challenging terrain.

My Creators

Katie Mullaly, Author

As a lover of rhyme, rhythm and reason, Katie Mullaly continues to share her passion for teaching, creating greater awareness and living a conscious life through the Land of… Children’s Books®.

Katie is the author and publisher, and the creator of these lands. It is through these fantastical places that she gets to share her messages and inspirations with readers everywhere. She is passionate about making a positive impact. Click here to learn more about Katie...


Toby Allen, Illustrator

Illustrator Toby Allen’s whole life has been about drawing and he’s had a pen in his hand since he can remember. With a zest for the fantastic and an ability to create worlds no one has ever seen, he brings new life to children’s books.

As the illustrator, otherwise dubbed "The Grand Architect," Toby helps craft the worlds and characters that you see in the Land of… Children’s Books®. Click here to learn more about Toby...
The Editor

Michael Rago, Editor

With an outstanding ear for what sounds good and makes sense, Michael Rago is happy to bring his passion for words and talent for story construction to the Land of … Children’s Books®.

As the series’ editor, Michael is a filtering influence, working closely with Katie in refining her vision. Click here to learn more about Michael...



Faceted Press

We are a small, independent publishing company that specializes in bringing mindful, transformative and timely information to readers of all ages.readers.  For more about Faceted Press, click here.